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National Museum of Costa Rica - Brochure

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Kinds of Tours

In order to make the most out of the museum's tour for the teaching-learning process to students, we offer the following options:

1. Self-guided tour

In this kind of tour, the teacher develops his or her own study program with the students. We suggest you to take it during the afternoon, when there are fewer visitors at the museum, so you will have more time and room available to achieve your purposes.

2. Staff-guided tour along the Pre-Columbian Room

With previous notice, one of our staff members will guide the students' group along the Pre-Columbian Room. This tour is meant for students after the fourth year of elementary school and lasts about 45 minutes. The rest of the museum will be visited with the teacher only.

3. Explorers' tour

This is a tour that all kinds of public can follow (preschool, primary school, high school, university students, etc.). The tour guide is the teacher or group leader himself or herself. It is a completely open visit without a fixed program. We suggest you schedule it for a Friday.

All visits require a 15-day advance notice.

Admission to the museum and tours are free to teachers and students with the ID.

We'll be waiting for you!


An adult is required per every 10 students, with a maximum of 35 students per group.

For reservations and information, you can call (506) 257-1433(506) 257-1433 and (506) 256-8643(506) 256-8643