Museo Nacional de Costa Rica
Use and Handling
Image Collection handling is a set of joined actions developed by the Department for the Protection of Cultural Heritage to promote an effective use, protection, preservation, documentation, and management of both physical and intellectual aspects of property that compile the museum's collections (except the Natural History collections, which depend on the Department of Natural History).

An adequate management of collections of archaeological and historic property involves their documentation and a description of their context, since they are in fact material testimonies of social, economic, religious, and political life of the country.

Keeping collections under proper security and environmental conditions is a must so that they remain a bridge connecting our past to our present and to our future and assure that forthcoming generations will learn about this cultural heritage.

Actions taken to ensure an adequate use of collections:

  • Documentation: Inventory, record keeping, databases, documents (written, graphic, photographic, electronic, etc.)
  • Attention to the access to exhibition areas or collection depositories and their use with exhibition and research purposes.
  • Processing and documenting of donations, loans, legacies, delivery of archaeological materials resulted from investigation or purchase, and loans to other museums or export of archaeological samples for their analysis and objects to be exhibited in other countries.
  • Packaging and storing of collections.
  • Follow-up of temporary loans for cultural property and writing out of loan agreements.
  • Environmental control in depository places of collections using special equipment.
  • Assessment of the conservation status of effects.
  • Consulting services in the conservation of cultural and natural property.