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Since January 2000, the National Museum of Costa Rica is in charge of managing the country's museums upon approval of Executive Decree 28089-C of the Republic of Costa Rica.

In order to comply with this new commitment, the institution established the Program of Local and Community Museums (PMRC, for its Spanish initials), by the end of the year 2003. During the follow-up of this process, it has guided, counseled, and promoted the development of public and private museums all over the country.


The PMRC follows these objectives:


  • To determine the museum guidelines to establish and maintain local and community museums in the country as well as to evaluate their work in accordance with the instructions settled by the National Museum of Costa Rica.
  • To contribute to the development of local and community museums that encourage the participation of rural and urban communities in the research of their own culture, its preservation and publication.
  • To offer technical consulting and support for the creation and development of local and community museums.


The main functions of the program are:


  • To learn about the situation and needs of the country's museums.
  • To give technical consultation in several areas of museum duties.
  • To advise communities and institutions interested in creating a museum.
  • To encourage specialized training for the museums' staff.
  • To make known the activities and services offered by the museums.
  • To create a corporative image to the consulted museums.


To meet its functions, the program is divided in these work units:



It officially represents the PMRC. It coordinates the projects to be carried out yearly and defines priorities, manages the budget and human resources.  


It fulfills the communication strategies necessary to support the program and help it achieve its functions. It also organizes special events and promotes strategic alliances to benefit the country's museums.



It researches about the museums characteristics and evaluates its training needs so that formative actions can be designed and carried out to solve immediate problems and contribute to the museistic formation of the staff involved in management and maintenance of museums.


Graphic Design

It advises on the design of printed and graphic materials. It also deals with the requierements regarding corporative image, logo design, and editorial design among others.