Museo Nacional de Costa Rica
ImageSince it was created, the PMRC launched actions to learn about the status of museums in Costa Rica and their work. These are the projects developed to reach this goal: 

Museum evaluation: first stage 

As a first stage, right after the functions of the former General Direction of Museums were handed over to the National Museum, the legal implications it would have on other museums were found out. It was necessary to determine which museums were assigned to the National Museum and the result was 14 decrees, each one of them referring to one museum. They considered they required as much support and counseling as possible from the National Museum. 

After that, the museums in function were visited and evaluated. There was a first approach to them and they were informed about the new responsibilities of the National Museum. The outcome of this process was an important database with information on the location of the museums, their main characteristics, and a listing of their needs. Then, a proposal for support was tailored for each museum. 

Museum evaluation: second stage 

The second stage of the Museum evaluation was held in 2004. It intended to evaluate the status of working local and community museums under the supervision of the National Museum. 

ImageIt was a quantitative descriptive research that collected, showed and analyzed the information. The museums were visited while open so that facilities, collections and services, among others, could be checked. 

This process concluded that the museums face a large amount of inconveniences particularly related to their facilities, staff, functioning, financing, and collection handling. All this information was extremely useful to design and develop support strategies the PMRC wishes to achieve. 

Museum evaluation: third stage 

The purpose of this third stage of the Museum evaluation is to extend the inventory of museums in Costa Rica by reaching for those that have somewhat strayed from the museistic activity, have restrictive visits or are very new and have not yet been able to reaffirm an active role in the cultural activity of the country. 

General Objective

The ultimate objective of this third stage is to carry out an inventory and evaluation of all museums in Costa Rica with private or state administration, but that traditionally have not placed a relevant role or promoted their image. 


ImageThis is a quantitative descriptive research that aims to collect and show information that allows to conclude these museums' conditions. The data will be collected by personnel from the PMRC during their visits. 

Once the data have been presented, the information collected in the previous two stages can be widened and updated and it will include as many museums as poss.

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