Museo Nacional de Costa Rica
Carlos Aguilar Piedra

"For me, greatest it is to combine the investigation with archaeology."

With the curiosity to know Don Carlos, that was awarded with the  Magón Award 2004, we went to visit it its house in Carthage. Don Carlos hoped us to tell us, between cut words, fantastic history of how it became the protector of Guayabo, while it interlaced his history with the delivery of one of his "chamánicos" canes to the Director of the Museum, as well as of the notes who 65 years ago did while he worked in the institution and of an article written by him and translated the German.

"I was born 24 of August of 1917, in Guarco of Carthage...I was a anxious boy, peculiar and enterprising, that was dedicated to investigate each object that found in rich territories of tiestos and indications of an old civilization that nonsingle it wanted to know, but to teach and to preserve."

This love took to the investigation and protection to it of the archaeological site of Guayabo, in Turrialba, which, thanks to the persistence put by Don Carlos, can be visited and be admired by the national tourist and the foreigner.

Don Carlos, is a polifacetic man, a craftsman, a teacher of the language and literature; himself has written his history in canes of wood and bone. Its love by the crafts comes to him in the blood: "If he had not been archaeologist, he had been tinsmith, just as my father", it expressed Don Carlos. "Memory there that when it was 8 years old went me to the factory of my papa and could pass long time, elaborating metal pieces and small crafts... for greatest me are to combine the investigation with the crafts, for that reason I have done 10 or 15 chamánicos canes", added.


His childhood in Carthage would be determining in its future. "Memory that when he was small was going to bathe me to one poza in Agua Caliente; there I observed something as well as a pair of great pyramids, was there when my interest by the investigation was born of any type, but mainly the archaeological."

This untiring man, to his 88 years managed to overcome the adversity, after a health problem, that threatened not allow us to return to listen to of its lips histories and lessons that today delight to all to his around. "Imagine that now is learning to speak Mandarin; single the Chinese channel is seen now in this house ", commented with pride Doña Cristina to us , his wife.

The prize Magón 2004 is a right recognition to Don Carlos, the teacher, the craftsman, the archaeologist, the writer, the pioneer...

Love to first... rear-view!

Doña Cristina told us, with spicy smile, that just had returned Carlos Aguilar de Kansas to its Carthage birthday when... "a day I rose the bus and I observed that a man saw much me by the rear-view one, I I ignored it. Days later me I found it in the park of Carthage, after mass, and we were spoken; seven days later he was speaking to me of marriage, I already was 28 years old and accepted. Seven months later we married, either we have 56 years of married, 8 children, one or died, 25 grandsons and two greats-grandchild."