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Regional and communitarian museums: Guardians of the traditions

Ginnette Monge Cisneros

It would like to travel through the time to close by know history and the culture of Costa Rica? Then it is very simple... Only must visit the regional and communitarian museums of our country. In them it will find a space where great and small they can learn more of the customs and ticas traditions.

Even, an excursion to the museum can be taken advantage of by the schools and schools to complement its training programs, since the children can interact with base in subjects on their culture, of an entertained and amused way.

The Program of Regional Museums of the National Museum adviser to this type of museums, that are located in all Costa Rica and develop very thematic varied.

Also different communal initiatives lean that they try to reactivate museums or to create new museums proposals.

If you wishes to obtain more data on the museums of Costa Rica, contact to the Program of Regional Museums to the 257-6983 or the e-maill: