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Measures against illegal National Archeological Patrimony traffic

The tendency around protecting and conserving the cultural patrimony is oriented to each government so that they take responsibility in avoiding the illegal asset traffic, and to promote the cooperation among countries.

Costa Rica is one of the Latin American countries with a large trajectory in archeological patrimony.  The National Museum is the organization in charge of the archeological rescuing, supervision investigating, collection handling (custody, use and storage), attention to complaints, dealings, confiscation, surveys and consultancies for the Judiciary, Public Ministry and the General Republic Attorney.

The experience in enforcing this law has been successful, despite the differences between the archeological patrimony legislations and the lack of a law that protects the whole patrimony, especially immovable assets whose trade is not regulated.

After 25 years of the N° 6703 law promulgation, we face new challenges, especially when it comes to the need of new legislations, the promoting of society’s participation in protecting and conserving and the obtaining of resources to strengthening programs and institutional projects.

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