Museo Nacional de Costa Rica
There are on-growing good perspectives to protect the national heritage. The urgent need to safeguard it, preserve it, and research it has been a constant concern to the National Museum of Costa Rica and it should also be so for national and international governments. Actions related to the protection of heritage, enforced by Act No. 6703, Defense and Conservation of Heritage, have been increasing. Along with these efforts, the law demands citizen support and cooperation from judicial, police, and customs authorities.

 Legislation regarding the protection of the National Archaeological Heritage

In order to get the full text version of the law in force, we suggest to access the Sistema Nacional de Legislacion Vigente de la Procuraduria General de la Republica [National System of Law in Force of the General Comptrollership of the Republic] (SINALEVI, Spanish initials), or visit the Department for the Protection of Cultural Heritage at the National Museum of Costa Rica.

Listing of corresponding legislation:


•  Act Nº 7, October 6, 1938

Control to exploitation and trade of archaeological relics


•  Decree Nº 14, December 20, 1938

Regulation to Act Nº 7


•  Act Nº 6703, January 12, 1982

Defense and Conservation of the National Archaeological Heritage


•  Decree Nº 28174-MP-C-MINAE-MEIC, October 19, 1999

Regulation on procedures for archaeological studies


•  Act Nº 7555, October 29, 1995

Acto n the Historic and Architectonic Heritage of Costa Rica


•  Decree Nº 19016-C, June 12, 1989

Regulation for the National Archaeology Commission


•  Act Nº 4711, January 13, 1971

Recommendations to preserve cultural property endangered by public or private works. Given by the General Conference of the United Nations for the Education, Science, and Culture Organization, November 22, 1968.


•  Act N o 7526, passed on July 5, 1995. Rules since August 16, 1995.

Convention about the measurements that should be adopted in order to ban and avoid the export and import of illegal property of cultural effects.


•  Act Nº 6360. Verified on August 20, 1979. Rules since September 21, 1979.

Convention on the Defense of Archaeological, Historical, and Artistic Heritage of American Nations. San Salvador Convention.


•  Act Nº 5980.

Convention about the protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage. Verified on October 26, 1976. Rules since December 24, 1976.


•  La Haya Convention for the protection of cultural property in case of armed conflict. Adhesion June 3, 1998. Rules since September 3, 1998.


•  Act N o 8282


Approval to Adhesion to the Second Protocol of La Haya Convention from 1954 for the protection of cultural property in case of armed conflict. Adhesion on March 26, 1999. Rules since August 7, 2003.