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San Lucas Island : Natural and Cultural Heritage of Costa Rica

ImageIn the year 2006, the Departments of Natural History and Anthropology and History will develop a multidisciplinary research project about Natural History, Archaeology and the area's history in the National Refuge of Wildlife San Lucas Island under the supervision of the Ministry of Environment and Energy (MINAE, for its Spanish initials).


Graffiti de San Lucas
This is a project of national relevance which will turn the museum into an institution capable of participating in integrated processes for protecting and spreading the cultural and natural heritage of the country. The museum also envisions this investigation in San Lucas Island as the first stage of a multidisciplinary project of wider range that would include the Nicoya Gulf , its islands and coasts.

The scientific investigation will result in a set of guidelines to curate the exhibits to be held in the island. Moreover, and as a part of the investigation process, there will be a contest on testimonies and photographs about the San Lucas Prison that will simultaneously work as documental background whose awareness can help encourage social sensitivity towards the prison environment today. Finally, the research results and a selection of the best testimonies will be published in a single document.

Regeneración natural

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Science and environment in Costa Rica, 1880-1920

This investigation is a multidisciplinary analysis from the viewpoint of History and Botany, whose axis will be the Historical Collection of the National Herbarium dated from the end of the XIX century until the first quarter of the XX century.

It will explore where the samples were taken from and what natural surroundings the botanic data reveals. It will settle also what the environment and scientific interests of the time were, their economic and cultural context and the interrelationship with national and international concerns.