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Archeological excavations on La Sonia 1, Limón

Maritza Gutiérrez G. Julio César Sánchez H.
Anthropology and History Department
National Museum of Costa Rica

This document gives information on archeological excavations in La Sonia 1, located in the Central Caribbean Slope, in Limón.


This work was developed on sections A and B during two seasons, a month on the field and 3 months in laboratories for each case.  The project was necessary because of the impact on the ground for the farming of banana and yucca.

In July, 2006, the evaluation took 3.93 HA.  As part of the results there was the detection of spaces destined to the practice of ceremonial rituals along with specific areas designated to burials and offers and two stone semicircles.  The analysis produced a time relative range of the events between 400 and 800 a. C.

The excavations were amplified during July – August, 2007.  This improved the information obtained in 2006.

The recovery and study of fragmented ceramic materials allowed desegregating ceramic groups settled in the ceramic sequence of the archeological region in the Central Caribbean of Costa Rica.  A posterior radiometric analysis stated the temporary prospect for the cultural manifestations registered in both working seasons.

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