Museo Nacional de Costa Rica
History of Costa Rica
The Bellavista Headquarters : witness , actor and historic symbol

A Glance from the "Bellavista"

ImageBy the end of the XIX century, San Jose expanded to the eastside. Constructions such as the Train Station to the Atlantic, the Main Customs House, the Sion High School , and the National Park were raised in this sector. In nearby lands, towards the northeast, the first Costa Rican bourgeois neighborhood was built: Barrio Amón.


Pioneers in the consolidation of the museum.

Working World and Banana Vocabulary in South Pacific Costa Rica

The National Museum of Costa Rica has worked for almost 120 years in the South Pacific of Costa Rica, especially on the archeological investigation of precolombine stone spheres in Diquís Delta.  But the place’s richness comes not only from this indigene heritage, but from the cultural landscape of the banana world, its architecture and its people.

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