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Donation of Goods

You can collaborate with the protection of the Cultural Patrimony of Costa Rica donating old objects for the collections of the National Museum. From the beginnings of the institution, the collections have been conformed by different means: the harvesting of cultural materials in the field, like product of the investigations; by donations and, occasionally, the purchase.

Most of the collection of History has been acquired thanks to the donations, from this form have obtained decorations, furniture, suits; also photographies, negatives and stamps have been received.

How to donate a good?

If you wish to make a donation, send us the attached form, or llámenos to tel.: (506) 233 6886/Fax: (506) 257 4420.

The National Museum will be in charge of the transfer of the goods; it is only necessary to coordinate the day and the hour of the delivery. The civil employees of the Department of Protection of the Cultural Patrimony will extend a receipt to you in where the detail of the donated goods consists.