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ImageThis work is focused on the analysis of about 15 dental samples of mastodons belonging to the species Cuvieronius hyodon . Fischer (1814) and the article by Gutierrez (1963) were the basis to determine the finding of a specimen of Mammuthus (gr. Archidiskodon ), the imperator (Leidy).

The material studied is kept in the collections of the National Museum of Costa Rica and the University of Costa Rica, in the Central American School of Geology and the Laboratory of Archaeology.

It suggests a possible geographic distribution of the species Cuvieronius hyodon from Central Mexico, along Central America, the Andes, and Venezuela up to north of Chile. Therefore, the area described by Simpson and Couto in 1957 is extended. This is correlated to findings in other several areas and the current knowledge on paleo-biology about the species as far as it has been possible. The species are described also in Costa Rica, in relation to Central America and neighboring regions.

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