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Brown Booby

Brown booby ( Sula leucogaster)

Ghiselle Alvarado Ornithologist , National Museum

ImageThe brown booby ( Sula leucogaster) is a sea bird that lives all year round in Costa Rica. It eats fish, is about 70 cm (27.56 in.) long and weighs around 1 kilo. Its beak is strong and shaped like a spear. Its fingers are joined with each other with a membrane that helps it in marine environment.

It reproduces in our country almost 365 days a year. There are three major nesting colonies: one in Cabo Blanco, another in the small islands in front of Manuel Antonio National Park, and another one in Uvita island, in front of Limon. Nests are built on the ground, simple in structure and almost round. They are usually made with twigs or huiscoyol sticks, pebbles or feathers, and materials the bird finds in its environment.

They lay two large and white eggs, about 61 cm. (24 in.) long and 41 cm.(16 in) wide. Both parents play a role in the hatching period and breeding of the chicks, which take about 40 days to be born. Chicks are coy and change their plumage as they grow older in the nest. In their early age, they look like a white cotton ball. This species is not endangered in Costa Rica, but it is in other areas in America.

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