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Cultural Landscape from Diquís Delta

ImageDiquís Delta, located in Costa Rica’s southeast, has an occupational history that dates from 1.500 b.C.  It shows some of the most relevant facts about Costa Rica’s economic, social and cultural development, such as:

a) it was one of the most important precolombine occupation centers, with a distinctive culture which produced the stone spheres.


b) the use of the areas around the delta for banana plantations, which produced radical changes in the landscape.Image

c) current communities, merging between immigrants and local inhabitants.

Osa, where the Delta is located, was declared as a national archeological interest region by the 23387-C executive decree, published on La Gaceta, June 22nd, 1994.  Its purpose is to acknowledge the relevancy of such archeological patrimony in the region and to promote its investigation, conservation and preservation.

For more details about the Diquís Delta and the stone spheres, click on the next links and download the illustrative tabs with information by subject (jpg images and files).Image

Mapa Delta del Diquís

1. El ambiente en el Delta del Diquís.

2. A. Epoca precolombina y estudios arqueológicos. Período Sinancrá (1.500 – 300 a.C.)

2. B. Período Aguas Buenas(300 a.C. - 800 d.C.) y Período Chiriquí ( 800 – 1.500 d.C)

3. Estatuaria Monumental: Esferas y Estatuas.

4. Sitios con esferas de piedra.

5. Excavaciones arqueológicas en el sitio Finca 6.

6. Conquista y Colonia.

7. Siglo XIX e inicios del siglo XX.

8. El inicio del enclave bananero.

9. Puertos, líneas férreas y aeropuertos.

10. Viviendas y poblados.

11. Fuerza Laboral.

12. Situación actual del Delta del Diquís.

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