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Sources of nectar for butterflies


ImagePlants with colorful flowers not only enhance our green areas, but also will feed grown butterflies with their nectar.

Some of these plants can be found at nurseries: lantanas, verbenas, jatrophas, buzzy lizzies, San Rafael , and 11 de abril shrubs. In our country, some others can be seen among heath, by the sides of rural roads, coffee plantations, and rivers, such as rabo de zorro , viboran , largeleaf lantana, zorrillo real , and some seasonal species from the daisy family, which bloom between November and February and have usually white or yellow flowers, like hierba de chucho , cabezona , colacate , melampodium, common sunflower, cambrillo , and a kind of pepper called alcotan (Piper darienense). Most of these names are common regional names of Costa Rica.

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