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Educative Materials


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The museum tour can be most beneficial to students if the concepts learned throughout the exhibitions are reinforced with other activities. A very useful activity that can be carried out after visiting the Pre-Columbian History exhibition is the “ceramic workshop.” It can be adapted to children of all ages.

Topic introduction

Ceramic was a very important element in our ancestors' daily life. Everyday-use objects and amazing symbolic and ceremonial works were created with this material. They are all part of our cultural heritage.

With this activity, participants will learn about the history of pottery in our country and the kind of work our indigenous ancestors did with clay. Children will make their own bowl using traditional techniques developed over 4,000 years ago.

Educational objectives

  • To approach children in a fun way into ancient cultures by understanding how to manufacture the object.
  • To value the labor and effort our ancestors put into manufacturing those objects.
  • To understand the formal and symbolic worth of pre-Columbian objects by observing samples and making their own objects with the same techniques created by ancient cultures.


More information about Ceramic Workshop here.