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Who made that jewel?

Cleria Ruiz
Dept. Protection of Cultural Patrimony
National Museum

During your visit to the Museum perhaps you have admired the design and carved beauty of this cabinet, contemplating the fragility of its legs…or admired the delicate atlases supporting all the weight of the piece. Perhaps you wonder who made it, and when?

Deposits of the cultural patrimony collections

Depósitos Sede PavasLeidy Bonilla Vargas & Alexis Matamoros Álvarez
Department of Protection of Cultural Patrimony

Management of cultural patrimony collections (registry, administration, storage, access, use, conservation, and restoration) requires to have, among other things, an infrastructure serving as support in order to guarantee the best possible conditions for them. 

Since 2007, the cultural patrimony collections of the National Museum of Costa Rica are located in their new deposits at the Pavas Site.

Preventive conservation of cultural assets

"As the Costa Rican saying goes, “It is better to prevent than to lament.”

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