Museo Nacional de Costa Rica
Historic Collection Presentation

The historic collection is composed by about 33.544 objects.  They are a reflection of the everyday work of our society and their artistic, scientific, technical and cultural development is the base for several investigations from students and professionals in different areas.  They are accessible for a broader audience by their inner and outer exhibitions.

In this collection we can find chasubles, tillage instruments and the very first Costa Rican flag, planted on the South Pole.  There are a series of categories for the classification and better handling of the collection, since it has a great variety of assets.  The categories are:
Historic Assets:
1. Immovable
• Structures
2. Movables
• Furniture
• Tools and equipment
• Personal artifacts
• Communication artifacts
• Transportation artifacts
• Recreational artifacts
• Ceremonial artifacts
• Numismatics
• Philately
• Documents
• Unclassified

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(Porcelain Vase)

(Coffe Machine)



(Petronilla sculpture)

(Microscope Clorito Picado)


(Horma Zapatero)