Museo Nacional de Costa Rica
Immovable Assets

The immovable assets are structures and parts of them, meaning elements conceived as part of a house, building, park, etc.

Classification of the Structures:
• Buildings
• Pieces of buildings
• Unclassified structures

These are the original structures that represent a reflection of the technical and historic development for their use and antiqueness.  We currently count with two buildings:

The previous Bella Vista Barrack, what we know today as the National Museum, building which holds the exhibition rooms, several offices and represents a heritage asset.  It counts with a declaration of the National Monument since October 26th, 1984 (Act Number 15852-C).  The former barrack received this declaration, among other things, because its presence expressed an existing military vision of the country, which reminds us the events and the fights that took place there, and the abolition of the army as a permanent institution of our country, which was symbolically represented by the tearing of the tower and the fort some December 1st.

The Commanders’ House, located in the northeast corner of the former Bella Vista Barrack is an example of the construction style and technique of the urban space in the early XX century.

Pieces of Building
This category includes pieces and segments conceived as parts of a building that have fallen from it for some reason. 
There is an established difference between the structural pieces and the decorative ones.  An example of these are the pieces from the former Congress ceiling, doors, colonial windows and columns that are a part of the building’s structure; the plates, mosaics and chandeliers are elements of a more aesthetic and functional use.

Unclassified structures
These are all those elements that are immovable, but that are not buildings, such as plazas, parks or streets, like the benches on La Merced Park, lighting poles, a piece of the Berlin wall, etc.                                                                                                                                   (Ventana Colonial)






                                                                                                                        (Banca Parque la Merced)