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Personal artifacts

These are the artifacts created to fulfill the needs of a person, from objects created to the body protection to those that meet the aesthetic and beauty needs of the individual and the society.

They include elements such as:

Clothing and shoes: from different times that reflect different Costa Rican society groups.  We can find suits, dresses, blouses, shawls, shirts and underwear like fustians and corsets, and also, boots and booties.

Clothing accessories: like pins, buttons and dumbbells.

Personal accessories: are those elements that help and give physical support like canes and glasses, protective elements like hats, gloves and umbrellas, accessories like earrings, bracelets, hair accessories, necklaces, etc.  It also includes objects like wallets, purses and pipes and combs.

Other personal objects: this category includes personal objects that don’t belong in previous categories like jewelry boxes, luggage, soap dishes, bathtubs and cases.