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Donation of Personal Effects

You can help protecting the cultural heritage of Costa Rica by donating old objects to the collections of the National Museum.

Since the beginning of the institution, collections have been assembled by different means:  collecting cultural materials in field, as a result of investigations, donations, and, eventually, by purchase.

Most of the History collection has been obtained due to donations.  Thus, there are badges, furniture, wardrobe, photographs, negatives, and stamps.

How are effects donated?

If you would like to donate an item, send us the following form or call us on the phone to: 
(506) 233 6886 / Fax: (506) 257 4420.

The National Museum will take care of transportation of effects.  The only requirement is to arrange for day and time of the delivery.  The staff from the Department for the Protection of Cultural Heritage will issue a receipt describing the donated effects.

If you would like to sell objects to the museum, you should submit a price quotation describing the items and the price you would like to be paid.  It should be sent to the Department for the Protection of Cultural Heritage.

Due to legal restraints, we are not allowed to purchase archaeological items or others of dubious origin. 

If you know about an item that is deteriorating or endangered, let us know.  We could arrange for a donation.