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History of Costa Rica
Regional and communitarian museums: Guardians of the traditions

Ginnette Monge Cisneros

It would like to travel through the time to close by know history and the culture of Costa Rica? Then it is very simple... Only must visit the regional and communitarian museums of our country. In them it will find a space where great and small they can learn more of the customs and ticas traditions.

Beyond of the exhibitions...
By means of the digitalization and putting in line of our collections through the electronic network, one takes to an important step towards the improvement and extension of our services; in addition, the search of the knowledge on the part of the public in general is promoted and the mission is fortified that the museum in the society fulfills.
The Park of Stone Spheres

In the Osa deparment is one of the more important archaeological deposits of the country, where the National Museum, in coordination with the community, tries to create and to open to the public the second archaeological park of Costa Rica. "In this zone the indications show the presence of an important pre-Columbian establishment", commented Francisco Corrals, director of the National Museum.