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National Archeological Commission

The National Archeological Commission (CAN) is an organization created by the Archeological Patrimony Lay N° 6703 (published on La Gaceta, January 19th, 1982) to enforce the accomplishment of such law.  It is integrated by five representatives from different government institutions.

Planimetry in archeological places

With architecture and road works on Línea Vieja, Costa Rica Central Caribbean

The project “Roads and monumental places: environmental knowledge and high engineering  on Costa Rican precolombine societies” was presented by investigators Silvia Salgado (University of Costa Rica), Rafael Arce (University of Costa Rica) and Ricardo Vászquez (National Museum of Costa Rica) in order to apply to an Aportes award in 2004.  The project won one out of three awards granted by Florida Ice & Farm.  This award plus the input from the National Museum of Costa Rica contributed to this achievement.

Llorente Site

 Pre Hispanic Societies and the Central and Grand Nicoya Inner Mountain Product Exchange

Wilson Valerio
Anthropology and History Department
National Museum of Costa Rica

Information generated from the research on the archeological site in Llorente, located in the urban side of the capital.  It seems to verify the existence of central towns distributed in the Central Inner Mountain, on long distance inter regional exchange nets.

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